Commercial Ice Machine and Refrigeration Repair Tips That Will Save You Money

Commercial Ice Machine and Refrigeration Repair Companies Are Making a Living on What You Don’t Know

Tired of paying for another ice machine repair, after yet another refrigerator repair? Ever wonder why most repairs are major ones?

At last, restaurant and bar owners can find out what their refrigeration service company doesn’t want them to know.

Here you will find in depth information about coolers, restaurant refrigerators, commercial ice machines, commercial freezers, other refrigeration equipment and restaurant equipment.

Commercial ice machine and other refrigeration repairs are often preventable. It is a rare service company that would be willing to "prevent" most of their income.

I am the only refrigeration repair technician that is on your side. I can save you hundreds of dollars without losing hundreds of dollars of my own income.

"I think it's a wonderful thing that you are doing and it's good for restaurant operators everywhere"
                                                  Eric Hahn
                                                  Founder and Research Developer

If I would have done this before retirement, I would have been black balled in the industry.

Everything on this website is free. This information will help keep your money in your pocket. You can keep your money out of the refrigerator repair company’s pocket. Get the information you need to make the right decisions about your refrigeration restaurant equipment.

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I started as a restaurant manager doing his own ice machine repairs when possible. Then I took over 700 hours of continuing education classes. I followed that up with a two year degree.

Then I enjoyed an entire career of refrigeration work. This website is the result of that experience. I hope you find it helpful.