How To Increase Your Scotsman Ice Maker Production

You have already learned a couple great ways to increase the production of your Scotsman ice maker. Let’s review them.

1. Keep the incoming water cool.

2. Keep the surrounding air cool.

These are the most basic and important points. If you fail to do these, the maximum output can drop by half.

With those things done, you have made sure the machine can make the most ice possible. Now we will make sure the machine get the chance to make all that ice.

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When the bin is fill the Scotsman ice maker senses it and cuts off. It stays off until some ice is used. There is also usually a minimum time delay. This is called a bin full condition. Don’t you just love those technical terms?

Scotsman ice makers are rated by the amount of ice it can make in a 24-hour period with it running constantly.

Let’s look at the production of a 1000 lb Scotsman ice machine. On the weekends it runs all the time making 1000 lbs of ice a day. That isn’t enough though and ice has to be bought.

The other 5 days a week there is plenty of ice. The machine only has to run 3/4 of the time to keep the bin full. That is 1250 lbs of ice a week the machine is not getting a chance to make. That would be more than enough extra for the weekends.

Keeping the machine running all the time can solve the problem. This is not bad for the compressor. Starting is much more wear and tear than running.

The ideal solution would be to get a bigger ice bin. You could have the 1250 lb surplus stored and ready for the weekend.

The trend in Scotsman ice maker design is to give the machine a smaller footprint. That means a smaller bin and less ice during peak usage.

If you need more ice on weekends, the machines are designed to be stackable. Just buy another one. That is an expensive way to go.

Compared to Scotsman ice makers, bins are cheap. Used bins are dirt-cheap. Make sure there are no cracks inside and the legs are sturdy.

The brand doesn’t have to be the same. They just have to fit together. A little creativity usually takes care of this. There are many companies that make good bins.

If you can’t or don’t want to go with a bigger bin, you still have options. Get some trash cans… uh… storage barrels on wheels. Fill them up during the week with ice and put them in the freezer. This even speeds up filling ice bins and dispensers during rushes.

Now you know how to make sure your Scotsman ice maker can make the most ice possible. You also know how to make sure it actually will.

It seems too simple. Unfortunately I have seen many people buying a machine to stack or just buying ice every week.

In Lesson 6 we will put together everything you have learned about the sequence of operations. Understanding this will help prevent false service calls. You will also learn about the Scotsman ice makers electronic safeties.

Water filters are just one way you can get ripped off. When I say ripped off, I don’t mean the service company necessarily did it on purpose. I mean that you paid more than you should have. There are many reasons you might have pay too much.

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