How Money Is Wasted On Commercial Cooler Repairs

There are a lot of ways a restaurant operator can overpay for for commercial cooler repairs. Some the restaurant owner has little control over, like intentional over billing. I don’ think that happens a lot.

When the customer gets over billed, I think it is more likely because the technician made a mistake in the diagnosis. Then the customer pays for it.

Most of the restaurant owners drive up cost of operating and maintaining their equipment. Fortunately, they have control over this expense.

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How can a Commercial Cooler Owner Unintentionally Increase Repair Bills?

Many commercial cooler service calls are unneeded. There is really nothing wrong with the unit. It could be operating normally for the conditions but not living up to expectations.

Here is a typical example of this. A refrigerator is warm after repeated openings. This is normal. A well-meaning employee notices and turns down the cold control. The box doesn’t shut off to defrost and the evaporator freezes. The box warms up.

The technician thaws the evaporator, resets the cold control and checks the system out. He determines that there is nothing wrong with the unit. He writes out a bill for travel time and one hour of labor.

Now he has to hand a bill to the customer for not fixing anything, because nothing was broken. He doesn’t want to deal with an upset customer or have that customer call his boss.

Unfortunately, this could lead to another problem. If the tech changes the perfectly good cold control, the whole awkward situation is avoided.

There are many other ways to spend too much is on refrigeration repairs that could have been prevented. Most major refrigeration repairs are preventable. But they do not get prevented.

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