The Costliest Mistake You Can Make With Your Commercial Freezer

Letting the technician add refrigerant to the commercial freezer without repairing the leak. Technicians hate leaks. There is a saying that “the smallest leak, can make the biggest fool, out of the best technician”

Adding some refrigerant gets the unit going and is easy to do. That makes everyone happy. The tech says that he could not find the leak. That it may be so small it will take years to leak out. Since a more in depth leak check could get expensive, he recommends waiting to see what happens.

Then 6 months later another tech is back adding refrigerant again. That is how you kill a compressor. Then you have to pay for a compressor change and a leak repair.

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Don't Be Convinced To Make This Commercial Freezer Mistake

Manufacturers allow about 2 hours to find and repair a leak on self-contained units. That’s reasonable. Don’t be influenced by statements like “if it’s small, there’s no telling how long it will take to find.”

If the leak cannot be found, fluorescent dye should be added to the system. Then in a week or two, the leak will be glowing under a black light.

Beware of statements like “ the service valve was leaking”. They do leak sometimes but more often, that is just a way to get out of a leak repair. If they get the call next time, they say that it is a different leak.

The leak might be in the wall is another cop out. There are no connections in the wall to leak. The walls protect the lines. So, unless a nail goes into them, a leak is unlikely. It is very easy to check for if it is really suspected.

Letting a commercial freezer run with low refrigerant is one of the worse things you can do to a refrigeration unit. There are many others that few equipment owners know about. You can learn about them now


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