Three Things You Need To Know About Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Eventually your commercial kitchen appliances will breakdown. This is what you need to know when that happens. Here are the answers to three very important questions.

Which company should I call for service?

All companies should be able to do a good job on general cooking equipment and refrigeration. Reach ins, ovens, stoves and walk ins are pretty generic. They operate about the same and the parts are easily available locally. Just find a good technician you like and trust.

Ice machines and other specialty commercial kitchen appliances are different. You need to find someone that specializes in your brand. You can do this by calling the factory tech support. The tech support person will know who is best in your area.

If you have two brands of ice machines, I would have two different technicians. The specialist is more likely to do the repair quickly and correctly. He is more likely to have the parts on his truck. You can end up saving a lot.

I would recommend using technicians that do only refrigeration work for refrigeration work. Only kitchen equipment specialist for kitchen equipment etc.

Ten years of experience sounds good. It’s not that good if he has spent it doing refrigeration, kitchen equipment, electrical and plumbing. I would want a refrigeration technician that does it all day, everyday.

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How Do I Get the Best Commercial Kitchen Appliance Technician To Take My Service Calls?

Whenever you have a technician in your restaurant ask him who is the best at his company. You might not get a straight answer from the dispatcher. Ask him about the best at other companies too. Ask at the supply houses too. They hear everything.

The next time you commercial kitchen appliances need service, ask for the one you think in the best. If it is hot, be prepared to wait. He will be popular. People are willing to wait to get the job done right the first time. It might be a good idea to call him on a minor problem first.

Then when he finally shows up, be friendly. Give him a soft drink and feed him. You might be surprised how the waiting line disappears next time.

Ask for his cell phone number before he leaves. Tell him that after you call for service next time, you’d like to give him a call to see if there is anything you can do to make his job easier. That can save you a lot of money.

Is There Anyway I Can Make it Easier for the Technician to Cepair My Ice Machine and Specialty Equipment?

Yes, you can get a service manual for each of your commercial kitchen appliances. Not the owners’ manual that came with the equipment but the actual technical service manual. You can order it from your local distributor or the manufacturer. This will speed up diagnosis and keep the tech from having to make assumptions. It isn’t possible for the tech to carry every service manual. Make sure the manual doesn’t walk off. Techs like service manuals.

This is one way you can save on repairs for your commercial kitchen appliances. To learn about many more

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