Do This To Your Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Or Start Saving for a Compressor Replacement

Running your commercial refrigerator freezer with a dirty or greasy condenser is asking for trouble. This causes a loss in cooling capacity, high-energy usage and high compressor temperatures. The high temperatures cause the oil it the compressor to break down. This results in compressor failure.

I am convinced that many managers already know this. Often I have diagnosed problems caused by a dirty condenser, on a machine with a sparkling clean condenser. The condenser wasn’t cleaned until the unit stopped working. The trick is to get the condenser clean before the $600+ repair bill.

The other way to kill a compressor is to run the unit with a frozen up evaporator. Even though the box is warm, the evaporator can be in a block of ice. Liquid refrigerant floods the compressor. If it reaches the piston heads, the compressor is done for. It also makes the oil foam and stop lubricating.

Check for ice if a box is running warm. Frost is ok bit ice is not. If ice is present, defrost it by unplugging it or turning of the compressor. You will save paying for the technician thawing it out. You might save the cost of a compressor change.

If the evaporator is frozen up, you do need service. A minor repair can become a major one if you delay.

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How To Prevent a Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Compressor Failure

You can degrease your commercial refrigerator freezer condenser. Don’t use the degreasers you have for cleaning grills. They will damage the condenser fins.

There are spray on and rinse off acid and alkaline condenser coil cleaners. I don’t think these are a good do it yourself project. It makes a big mess and if not rinsed off completely it can lead to serious problems.

The easiest way to remove grease is to use a spray on and leave on condenser coil cleaner. One brand is NU-BLAST. Use it when you are closed and do not breath it or get it on your skin.

Once the coil is clean, you can keep it that way with a small disposable air conditioning air filter. Simply put it against the condenser inlet. It will catch the grease from then on and the coil will be kept clean. Change it as needed.

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