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How To Make Your Crystal Tips Ice Machine Last Forever

This article will give you the knowledge you need to greatly extend the life of your Crystal Tips ice machine.

The compressor does the work of moving the heat. It has to make the heat flow in a way that is opposite of its nature. That is a lot of work.

All that work makes even more heat and the compressor gets hot. The #1 cause of compressor failure is overheating.

The compressor is a motor inside of a can. The oil is carried by the refrigerant. When the compressor gets too hot the oil breaks down and stops lubricating. Motors do not run long without oil.

The key to making the Crystal Tips ice machine last forever, well almost forever is to keep the compressor from overheating.

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This Obvious Thing Kills Crystal Tips ice machines

The first part of the Crystal Tips ice machines sequence of operations in the freeze cycle. This can be from 10 minutes to 45 minutes or more. The warmer the conditions, the longer it is.

As you recall, it is easier to make ice with cool water than warm water. The warmer the water, the harder the compressor works, the hotter it gets.

Water lines running through an attic during summer can put a lot of wear and tear on the compressor. It is cheaper to have the water lines rerouted.

As long as the water is not hot, this usually isn�t much of a concern. The air surrounding the condenser is very often a concern.

As you also remember, cooler is easier to transfer heat to. If you keep the air cool, you will have more ice. More importantly the compressor doesn�t have to work as hard and it stays cooler.

This is a major concern. If you will keep the Crystal Tips ice machine in a cool area it will need fewer repairs and will last longer. You can use the money you saved during the extra years of service to help buy a new machine. It will use about 25% less electricity during that time too.

If the machine is in a hot space it is worth the expense of installing ventilation system. Nothing elaborate, just a fan controlled by a thermostat. Remember that the closer to 70 degrees Fahrenheit you keep it, the more ice you have and the better the Crystal Tips ice machine will run.

If a compressor fails on a machine in a hot area, think twice about replacing the compressor. The new one will do the same thing if something isn�t changed.

You could replace the machine with one that has a remote condenser. The part that rejects the heat would be somewhere else. Two copper tubes would connect it. Most walk-ins have remote condensers.

This Subtle Thing Kill Crystal Tips ice machines

The Crystal Tips ice machine could be in a cool room and the compressor could still be overheating. If the heat can�t be rejected it will build up and overwork the compressor.

If the condenser coils are dirty, it is the same as the machine being in a hot room. If dust is the problem, they can be blown out with CO2. I would recommend asking the service technician to do this every time he comes.

If grease is the problem, the condenser coils will have to be chemically cleaned. The coils are delicate aluminum. Do not use degreaser on them. There is the problem of the cleaner dripping on the ice. This is a job for a professional.

Grease is very hard to deal with on an Crystal Tips ice machine. The worst place for an Chrystal Tips ice machine is near a flattop, fryer or wok. A remote is needed in these cases. I have seen Chrystal Tips ice machines that needed to be degreased every month.

Now you know how to extend the life of your Crystal Tips ice machine and cut down on repairs.

In lesson 3 you will learn about the Crystal Tips ice machines harvest cycle and how to prevent the most common repair.

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