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A real world mathmatical analysis of buying compared to freezer rentals.

What To Do When Your Refrigeration Equipment Dies
Part 2C

This part of the free report compares buying to freezer rentals. This free report is an excerpt from the supplemental materials that come with the eBook How Much Should It Cost courtesy of RefrigerationSecrets.com

Freezer Rentals example

The list price for a one door, full size Koolaire freezer is $4729. Koolaire is a good brand and it has a 2-year warranty. The most significant thing is that Manitowoc now owns them. Manitowoc is the king of customer service. They treat the service companies really well, and you have to deal with the service companies.

The list price is $4729. I�ve seen a lot of people paying 10% under list. A realistic price is $2300. I hope that isn�t too shocking. On top of that, you should try for free delivery and voiding the service call that condemned your old freezer.

The list price is $4729. Some people are happy to pay 10% off list, which is $4256. I have seen many people buy this unit for $2300. That is a good price and is realistic price. You may have to shop around and negotiate. That is the number I will use.

Note: If you can�t get a good price on Koolaire, try the True brand. Some Manitowoc distributors sell True also, because of higher profit margins.

A realistic rental rate for this unit is $100 a month. That includes delivery and set up within the service company�s normal service area. Now lets do the math, let�s crunch some numbers. We will look at buying and then compare it to having rented.

$2,300 The reach in freezer price.

$100 month rent
x 23 months

In 23 months you will have saved enough in rent to have paid for the reach in freezer. You still have one month of warranty left. When it runs out you will be $85 ahead.

You now own the unit, so you will continue saving $100 a month. If taken care of, the freezor may last for the next 10 years. But you will have to pay for repairs.

$100 month rent
x 12 months

You will be saving $1,200 every year. Repairs should be only a fraction of that. About every 2 years, you will have saved enough to buy a new reach in freezer.

Now we see that freezer rentals are a great deal for the refrigeration company. Freezer rentals is a bad deal for the renter. The next question is �new or used�.

Should You Buy or Use Refrigeration Rentals?
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Cooler Rentals Example
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