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Below are the titles and descriptions of in depth articles about restaurant equipment freezers.

They have lot in common with coolers and refrigerators. A freezer has all the components a refrigerator/ cooler has. When a refrigerator/ cooler is operated below 35 degrees F, a defrost timer is needed. It cuts the unit off to insure the evaporator has time to defrost. If the box temperature is below 32 degrees F, heaters have to be added. Then the defrost clock cuts off the compressor and evaporator fan and turns on the defrost heaters.

The main difference is that a commercial freezer has this defrost cycle. So you can also find useful articles in the COOLER and REFRIGERATOR collections.

How Your Walk In Freezer Works
Understanding your walk in freezer will save you money and frustration.

How Cold Should Your Freezer Be?
Discussion of the proper freezer temperature. What it is, how to measure it and how to maintain it.

The Costliest Mistake You Can Make With Your Commercial Freezer
How Saving a Few Bucks on a Commercial Freezer Repair Can Cost You Hundreds

The Simple Way To Prevent a Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Compressor Failure
Not doing this simple procedure on a commercial refrigerator freezer can lead to compressor failure and huge repair bills.

How to Prevent to Your Restaurants Freezer Compressor Failure
One thing causes most of the restaurants freezer compressor failures. Two situations cause that one thing. This is a way to prevent both situations.

How To Buy Commercial Used Freezers - - Insider Secrets
How to evaluate a commercial used freezer before buying it. How to avoid costly mistakes. A simple step-by-step strategy.

Buying Compared To Freezer Rentals.
A real world simple mathematical analysis of buying new compared to freezer rentals.

Why Ice Machines Make Less Ice Than They Are Suppose To
Why machines rated at 1000 pounds a day actually make as little as 710 pounds a day and what you can do about it. Learn 5 ways to get more ice production.

How Ice Machine Salesmen Can Lie To You To Make The Sale
Before buying an ice machine, find out how the ratings are deceptive and can be used to sell you the wrong ice machine. A retired refrigeration technician spills the beans.

Ice Machine Article Directory #1
Articles that will show you how to save by reducing operating costs, repairs and extend the life of your machines.

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