Ice Bins – How The Wrong One Can Cut Your Ice Production In Half

The trend in ice bins and restaurant equipment in general is to design them with a smaller and smaller footprint. So often the standard bin that comes with the machine would have been considered too small several years ago. Smaller bins are easier for salesmen to sell because they are cheaper, look better and take up less space. This article is going give you the background information you need to make the right choice for your situation.

How Standard Ice Bins Give Reduce Ice Production

Ice machines are rated by the amount of ice they can make a day. If you need an average of 700 lbs of ice a day, you may actually needed a properly operating machine that is rated at 1000 lbs to get that on the hottest days of the year. Ice Machine Production article will explain why. The downsized ice bins assume you use about the average amount of ice everyday. Often the bin that comes with the machine is a little smaller than the machines capacity to make ice. This is fine if you consistently use the same amount of ice at the same pace.

If you have busy times of the day, busy days or busy times of the year, you maybe running out of ice when your machine is capable of making enough. The problem is the bin. During the slow times the bin fills up and the machine cuts off. The down time is wasted production capacity.

How Larger Ice Bins Increase Your Ice Production

Let's look at an example to illustrate this. Let's say you need an average of 700 lbs a day, and you buy an ice machine capable of making 700 lbs a day under the worst conditions it will experience. It came with a 700 lb bin.

On the days you use less than the 700 hundred pounds the bin will fill up and the machine will cut off. You will lose the production during the shut down time. If you had a larger bin, the machine would have continued to make ice which would have been stored for the busiest day. If you only used 300 lbs of ice on Mondays, you would be losing 400 lbs of potential production. If you are closed one day a week you could be losing 700 lbs of production on that one day alone.

If you get a bin big enough to store your machines excess capacity on your slowest day you will be able to maximize ice production by keeping the machine running all the time. You can reclaim all that lost production. In fact you could even meet your needs for ice by getting a smaller machine with a larger ice bin instead of a larger size machine with a matched bin.

A small machine with an oversize ice bin can possibly make more ice than a big machine with a standard bin.

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