Preventing Ice Cream Machine Compressor Failures

Ice cream machine compressor failures are expensive and can screw up the best thought out budget. Fortunately many failures can be easily prevented. This article will give you three easy ways to prevent the most common causes of failures. The compressors in these machines have the potential for lasting a very long time. The load on is constant and doesn't overload the compressor. There is usually adequate off periods that do not short cycle the unit. Ice machines are expensive and usually have high and low pressure safeties. Some have over amp safeties also.

A common way to shorten the life of an ice cream machine is use an extension cord. Extension cords are a bad idea on refrigeration systems but even worse of these machines. They have a refrigeration system but also have a large auger motor. They require more power than other refrigeration equipment with the same size compressor. If they do not get it, serious damage can result. If you need a longer cord, have a technician install an over sized one for safety.

Dirty condensers are the enemy of all coolers, freezers and ice cream machines. All equipment should be away from grease producing cooking equipment like flat tops, woks and fryers. If that is done the condensers can be easily cleaned with a brush and compressed air. If the condensers get covered with grease they will have to be chemically or steam cleaned.

The third way to extend the life of your machine machine is to insure that all leaks are fixed. If refrigerant (freon TM) has to be added, there is almost certainly a leak. Leaks are often hard to find and fix. The insulation on the machine is usually blown with refrigerant making electronic leak detectors useless. It is easier to just “gas and go”, but that is very bad on the compressor. Leaks should always be fixed.

You can greatly reduce the chances of avoiding a compressor failure by following the three steps above. 1) Avoid using extension cords 2) Keep the condenser clean 3) Make sure all leaks are fixed. Now you have the information needed to help control unexpected repair bills.