Ice Cream Machines – 3 Money Saving Tips

Service calls on ice cream machines often are unneeded and could have been prevented. You are about to learn three ways of saving money. The first two are about preventing service calls and the third on is about reducing the cost of unavoidable service calls. Many service calls on ice cream machines are caused by improper assembly. Often when I went on service calls the machine would be working fine. Usually someone had assembled it properly since the initial problem. These types of unneeded service calls are a waste of money.

Improper assembly can also lead to more serious and expensive problems. On some older ice cream machines there is a bushing that holds the auger in place. If it is left out, the auger scrapes against the barrel, ruining the machine. Other parts being assembled wrong can lead to other problems.

Disposable parts on ice cream machines wear out over time. These include o-rings, gaskets and scraper blades. Before calling for service change these and make sure there is a real problem. Compared to service call these parts are inexpensive. Some parts will last much longer if they are lubricated with food grade silicone according to the manufacturers directions.

Through proper assembly and maintenance many service calls can be avoided. If one is actually needed, you can still save by getting the technician to handle it. Most refrigeration techs do not have experience on ice cream machines and do not have a parts inventory for them.

I recommend calling the manufacturer to get the name and number of their contracted service representative. Then call the company and ask to have the most experienced ice machine tech take the call. Be willing to wait a little longer. At the very least insure that the technician being dispatched is factory trained.

Getting the company will help insure the needed parts will be on the truck. This will eliminate the need for a follow up service call to install an ordered part. Getting the right technician will reduce length of the service call. He will not be learning on your time, he will have the experience to diagnose the problem efficiently.

You can prevent service calls by properly assembling the machine and doing basic maintenance by replacing the disposable parts. If a service call is actually needed you can minimize the cost of the repair by calling the right company and getting the right tech at that company. These simple steps will reduce the operating costs of your ice machines.

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