You Can Do The Most Common Ice Machine Repair

Most ice machine repair service calls are not actually a repair. It is a simple procedure that is easy to do and only cost a dollar or in supplies.

About 90% of ice machine repairs are water related. A good cleaning can solve the majority of those problems. All ice machines will eventually stop working if they a not cleaned.

In areas with very bad water the machine may run only a couple of months. In areas with very good water, it may run a couple of years. In all cases, neglecting the machine will lead to a costly ice machine repair.

Why Ice Machines Need To Be Cleaned

The part of the ice machine is called the evaporator. First it gets cold to make the ice. Then it is warmed to allow the ice to fall off.

Minerals in the water build up on the surface of the evaporator. This is called scale. The scale makes it harder for the ice to be released from the evaporator.

When the scale build up is great enough, the ice is not released in the allowable amount of time. Then a safety shuts the machine down. The purpose of the safety is to prevent compressor failure.

In a day or two the ice is low and the machine looks dead. If the machine is reset it will soon shut down again. To the equipment owner, the machine is as dead as it would be if it needed a major repair.

All it really needs is a cleaning. You are the mercy of the ice machine repair technician. There is not much money in cleaning ice machines. There is a lot of money in major ice machine repairs. The owner is often desperate to get the machine fixed.

Anytime your ice machine stops working, clean it. This will save you a lot of money. The links at the bottom of this page will take you to a page about your specific brand of ice machine. First you need to learn how to distinguish a need for cleaning from a need for sanitizing.

It’s Not Dirty, It’s Slimy

The brown slime in ice machines is caused by air borne yeast. It comes from beer, baking yeast and brewing yeast. There is also a small amount of yeast in the air naturally.

Cleaning will not cure this problem. Cleaning only removes the scale from the evaporator. It will not kill the yeast. In a week or so it will be back.

There are commercial sanitizers for killing yeast. You can also follow the manufacturers directions and use bleach and water. The process is the same as cleaning the machine.

In addition, you must also spray and wipe every surface in the machine. If you miss any surface, the yeast will return. High yeast environments like breweries may need to sanitize monthly.

Now, avoid an ice machine repair by learning to do it yourself. Click on the brand of your machine.

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