The Free Ice Machine Secrets Course Takes the Mystery Out Of Ice Machine Repairs and Keeps the Money in Your Pocket

Ice machine repairs are a favorite with refrigeration technicians. Most of the time there is nothing wrong with the machine. The tech makes an adjustment or explains something and leaves. A no brainer. He gets to charge the minimum labor and leaves with 30 minutes of paid free time. Or he may ride out the clock while the machine makes ice a couple of times. Hopefully he will stop when the minimum service charge has been used up.

Ice machines are the least understood piece of refrigeration equipment in most restaurants. Usually there is only one, so it must be kept working. That is a bad combination. It leads to costly mistakes made under pressure.

The Ice Machine Secrets course takes the mystery out of ice machine repairs. You will learn the simple principles of operation and preventive maintenance.

You will learn when to call a technician and when to make that adjustment yourself. If you have to call a technician, you will learn how to call the right one.

You will be able to determine if
--- the ice machine is operating normally but doesn't look like it.
--- the ice machine isn't operating normally but isn't to blame.
--- only a minor adjustment is needed.
--- something really is wrong with the ice machine.

The Ice Machine Secrets course is delivered by email. One lesson about understanding ice machine repairs arrives every other day, automatically for 7 days. Lesson 1
Your Ice Machine Salesman Lied to You!

Lesson 2
How To Make Your Ice Machine Last (almost) Forever

Lesson 3
How To Prevent Most Repairs

Lesson 4
The Truth About Those Expensive Water Filters

Lesson 5
How To Increase Your Ice Production

Lesson 6
Don't Waste Money When It Isnt Broken

Lesson 7
How To Decide When To Replace Your Ice Machine

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