How Ice Machine Salesmen Can Lie To You To Make The Sale

Ice machine sales is very competitive. Once only available from restaurant equipment show rooms, they are now available online from restaurant equipment companies, service companies and even big box stores. As competition has increased so has the pressure to compete on price.

The first part of this article is going to show how a lower price can be offered by manipulating the ice production numbers. This can result in you buying the wrong ice machine. One that will not get the job done when you need it the most.

The second part of this article will explain the physics behind the first part This will be done in a very non-technical way. Ice Machines

This Is How Your Ice Machine Salesman Lied

Let's say you need 900 lbs of ice a day. Your salesman is happy to sell you a machine rated at 1000lbs a day. His price is much lower than the quotes you got from other companies when you told them you need 900 lbs of ice a day. You get a great deal and it works great all winter. When summer comes, you keep running out of ice. The technician comes out and tells you nothing is wrong with the machine. He tells you this isn't covered by warranty and writes you a bill. This is what is going on. The machine is rated at 980 lbs (they get to round up) of ice a day with 70-degree air and 50 degree water. In the summer the air goes up to 100 degrees and the water up to 90 degrees. The machine only makes 710 lbs of ice a day.

The salesman was able to offer you a great price because he was selling you the wrong machine. It was much too small to meet your ice needs. His higher priced competitors were trying to sell you the much larger, higher priced machine.

It is normal for an ice maker to make less ice in the summer than the winter. It is harder to freeze warm water in a warm room. A 1300 lb machine would be making 930 lbs of ice a day under the hot conditions. I usually got one or two of these service calls a day during the beginning of summer. The owner of the company called them “Hot Calls” and loved them.

Salesmen have told me they have to go with a smaller machine because their competitors will. They want to make the sale at any cost. Then the technician is expected to fix something that isn't broke.

Consider the Real Ice Machine Production Before Making Any Decisions

Of course all salesmen do not do this. The best ones see the value of a long term relationship with a customer over making a sale right now. You now have the knowledge to avoid making mistakes if they do try to get sneaky.The take away is to remember that ice makers are rated on performance under perfect conditions. So if you buy one based on the worst conditions it will experience, you will get a machine that will always make enough ice. You can get the real ice production information from the manufacturer's website usually.

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