How To Prevent Most Manitowac Ice Machine Repairs

Getting a Manitowac Ice Machine to make ice is the easiest part. Getting it to come off of what you made it on without melting is the challenge.

This is called the harvest cycle. It is the most critical part of the ice making process. The machine might be on its last legs and still be able to make ice. Things have to be working close to perfect to harvest it properly.

The evaporator is warmed with hot gas refrigerant. Some machines assist the harvest with running water or a mechanical push. Hopefully the evaporator will release the ice.

The key to the release is the material the evaporator is made of. Each one has a secret formula that is suppose to be best. They all work well when they are new. They all can quickly release the ice.

As the machine is used, minerals build up on the evaporator plate. This is called scale build up. It is hard to see scale when the evaporator is wet.

Scale is a problem is a problem for Manitowac ice machines because it coats the evaporator. The ice is no longer freezing on the evaporator; it is freezing on the scale. The scale does not easily release the ice. The harvest cycles get longer and more of the ice is melted before it is released.

The longer harvest cycle is very bad on the compressor. Eventually the safety devices on the machine will shut it down before compressor failure. There has been a lot of wear and tear on the compressor though.

Then comes the service call when nothing is really wrong with the Manitowac ice machine. The machine is just dirty. Warranty will not cover this.

Every ice machine will eventually stop working if it is not cleaned. Some brands take longer but they are much harder to clean when it finally happens. Having good water or a filter system can delay it too.

You can either wait and pay for a service call or do the simple cleaning yourself.

I use to assist beginning technicians on the radio. The most common calls were about ice machines. Every time I would tell them to clean the machine and call me back if it still didn’t work. They usually did not call back.

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The Essential Manitowac Ice Machine Owner Skill

The most essential skill the owner of an ice machine can have is to be able to clean the machine. It’s really easy to do too. I suggest you clean it anytime there is problem. Many times the Manitowac ice machine problem will go away. Grab a screwdriver and take the front cover off the ice machine. Look on the inside of the cover for the directions for cleaning the ice machine. If they are missing, give the manufacturer a call and order some.

If you have a Manitowoc ice machine, you must use Manitowoc brand ice machine cleaner. If you use the wrong one, you can ruin the evaporator. It would then be cheaper just to replace the whole machine.

A nick on the evaporator can ruin it too. I’ve seen machines that people have tried to thaw out with a screwdriver. They murdered good machines.

Now you know what you have to do to prevent and do the most common “repair” yourself.

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