How To Easily Prevent The Most Expensive Problems With Night Club Equipment in 5 Minutes

The most common and expensive night club equipment is refrigeration equipment. Coolers in bars collect dust much faster than refrigeration equipment in kitchens. There is a lot more foot traffic in a bar and the condensers are usually floor level. The ventilation systems in kitchens are usually much better. Kitchens have the added problem of grease.

The dust reduces the airflow through the condenser coils. This causes the compressor to work harder, have less capacity to cool and to cost more to operate. Eventual compressor failure is possible. A dirty condenser can also cause evaporator freeze ups that can cause compressor failure.

I am convinced that many managers already know this. Often I have diagnosed problems caused by a dirty condenser, on a machine with a sparkling clean condenser. The condenser wasn’t cleaned until the unit stopped working. The trick is to get them to clean the condenser before the $600+ repair bill for the night club equipment.

The condensers on night club equipment refrigeration units are usually only stopped up with dry dust. This is very easy to clean. There are 3 ways to do it. They are listed in order of good, better and best.

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Brush the Night Club Equipment Condensers

The simplest way to clean the condenser is with a stiff brush. The outside edge can get blanketed with lint and dust. Gently brush it off, in the direction the fins run. Make sure you are actually cleaning the condenser coils. Find the place that is sucking in air. This usually is not the condenser coil, except on ice machines. This protective grill has to be removed. The condenser coil is nothing more than tubing with lot of fins attached to it. A fan is on the other side pulling air.

Brushing only removes the debris on the outside edge of the condenser coil. It still can make a big, even if you do nothing else. Start by brushing the condenser if you are going to use one of the following more thorough methods.

Vacuum the Night Club Equipment Condenser

A strong vacuum cleaner can do a good cleaning dust out of condenser coils. It can pull dust out from the inside of the coil. It probably will not be able to get all the dust out. To do that you will have to vacuum from both sides of the coils.

Doing this is a nuisance. You will have to remove the cowl from around the condenser fan. Then stick the vacuum hose between the fan blade and the condenser.

The time wasted doing this would probably more than make up for the cost of the equipment needed to blow out the condenser.

Blow Out the Night Club Equipment Condenser

This is the best choice. It cleans the condenser all the way through. Compressed air can be used. Make sure there is no oil being blown out with it. That would make a worse problem. The dust would start sticking.

Refrigeration technicians use CO2. You can get a tank from a welding supply company. They can set you up with the whole outfit. You will need an inexpensive regulator, hose and nozzle. Get the cheapest regulator that you can find.

The regulator and nozzle are for safety. Follow the pressure limitation warning on the nozzle. This is the safe way to do it. You may have seen technicians do it without the regulator and nozzle. That can be dangerous.

Reach ins and beer coolers usually have sturdy condenser coil fins. Ice machines do not. Be very careful with them. Blow in the direction of the fins, not at angles. If any get bent, you will need to straighten them.

A less involved alternative is to get a small air compressor and use it. If you do this, make sure it does not blow oil out with the air. That will cause the dust to stick to the coil.

How to Make $300 an Hour Doing Your Own Night Club Equipment Preventive Maintenance

If the unit came from a kitchen, it may need to be degreased before you can effectively do regular cleaning. The standard recommendation is to clean the condensers every 6 months. This is usually often enough. If the night club equipment condenser is real dusty after 6 months, do it more often.

It takes less than 5 minutes to blow out a condenser. If you have 12 refrigeration units, it would only take about 2 hours a year to do preventive maintenance.

If it prevented 1 major repair a year, your return rate on that time would be about $300 an hour. Not bad for an easily delegated task.

Now you have learned about one way to save on night club equipment repair bills and add to your bottom line. There are many more even simpler ways. They have been organized into a complete System. You can learn more about it here CLICK HERE

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