"Free E-zine Shows You How to Save on Refrigeration Repairs"

Learn what your repairman doesn't want you to know about refrigeration repairs. A money saving tip is delivered to your email box every week. Learn to understand your refrigeration equipment and stop being at the mercy of repairmen. The repairman won't tell you these insider secrets. His livelihood depends on getting money from you. The more you save, the less he makes.

This is the stuff that only fulltime technicians know. Now that I am retiring, I am spilling the beans. If I would have done this while I was working, I would have been fired. No company would have hired me.

I am the only refrigeration technician that is truly on your side. Every week I will write you a tip that will keep some more of your money in your pocket.

These tips are not available anywhere else, not even on this website. The e-zine is all new. Eventually the tips will be incorporated into books. You can get them for free now.

Here is a sample issue. If you learn this skill, you will prevent the #1 cause of unneeded service calls on coolers. Sample Issue

"Here Is a Bribe for Taking Action Now Instead of Later"

My research shows that 81% of my readers plan on subscribing to the e-zine but never get around to it. I hate to see them miss out. I really hate it when they email me about major refrigeration repairs they need, and I wrote tips on preventing them. The only way I can think of to move you to action is to bribe you.

I spent a weekend brainstorming on what would be the most useful thing I could give you? Something that would save you a ton of money? The answer was "an understanding of your ice machine". It would increase ice production, prevent breakdowns and greatly extend the life of the equipment.

I decided the best way to do this is in a course. A small chunk of information at a time. It took me over 17 hours to write the lessons. They will take you a fraction of that time to read. They are almost too good to give away.

Don't put it off. This bribe may not be here "next time". If this bribe doesn't work, I will discontinue it and use the course as a bonus with my book. If that happens, anyone that has started the course will be able to finish it. Do it now.

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