Half Price Refrigeration Repairs – 7 Ways to Save

Refrigeration repairs can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. It is not uncommon for a supermarket to go into the red because of unexpected refrigeration repairs. This article is going to show you seven easy to implement ways to reduce the cost of these.

1 Preventive Maintenance

A great many major repairs could have been prevented with regular scheduled maintenance. Compressors can be damaged by dirty condensers, icing up evaporators and low charges due to refrigerant leaks. After a compressor failure these conditions will have to be remedied but it is a lot cheaper to do it before you have to replace the compressor.

All ice machines will eventually stop working if the water circuit isn't cleaned. This is very easy to do and involves little more than putting the cleaner in and pushing a button. But if it neglected, the dirty ice machine will stop working and likely a service will be called. Then you will get to pay a technician to put the cleaner in and push the button.

2 Maintenance and Service Contracts

Most preventive maintenance can be a do it yourself project with a little research. The important things to learn to are to clean ice machine water circuits and clean condensers The articles on this site can show you many things that can easily be corrected to prevent an equipment failure. A quick visual inspection can work wonders.

Refrigeration repair companies off maintenance contracts. These usually favor the service companies and may not be a good deal for you. But if you can get them to agree to cover only a couple pieces of equipment, this can be a great deal for you. Covering only your most troublesome equipment is bad for the service company but great for the equipment owner.

3 Find a Good General Refrigeration Repair Company

Most refrigeration techs can do a decent job working on reach in coolers, freezers and make up tables. The techs are usually good at what they work on everyday and this equipment is very common. So you can find a company you like and stick with them.

Once you have a good company, the next step is to find a good tech. Often he is the one that has been with the company the longest. The dispatcher can usually tell you who it is because they have to deal with the customers when the repaired equipment doesn't stay fixed.

Once you found the best you can request them every time. This will result in repairs being done faster/ cheaper and getting done right the first time. The last thing you want to do is to pay for an inexperience tech to learn by trial and error on your equipment.

4 Find a Specialized Refrigeration Repair Company

The technician you found above maybe able to skillfully handle walk-in freezer and walk-in cooler repairs. But they will probably not work on them regularly and may not be as good at it. If not, a good can usually be found at a company that specializes in convenience store work. They get experience daily. You could this company for only your walk-ins.

Walk-ins and reach-ins are similar, but ice machines are totally different. To make things worst each brand of ice machine is different. The general refrigeration companies techs usually have little experience on them and will not have the parts on their truck. You can get a referal from the manufacturer for a company that has experience techs and parts inventories for you brand of ice machine. You could use this company for only your ice machine.

Most refrigeration repair company techs have never worked on ice cream machines and specialty machines. For these parts are usually not available locally. It is a good idea to contact the manufacturer to find out who the contracted service representative is in your area and go with them for these machines.

The contracted service representative should be used for all warranty repairs. This will eliminate is delays and claim problems. They have years of experience with these matters.

5 Avoid Wasting Money on Overtime

After hours service calls is very often a waste of money. With reach-ins the product can usually be moved. With make-up tables the inserts can be set in bus pans of ice. With ice machines, bags of ice can be bought cheaper than the overtime and it will still take time for the bin to fill.

Usually after hours service calls are not worth the increased expense. The exception is walk-in refrigeration equipment. Because of the size temporary measures can not be used. Fortunately many of the parts are generic and others may be ale to be used to get it running until the correct part can be gotten. The specialized company would be best for this.

6 How to Get Refrigeration Repairs for Half Price

Once you have found the best company for each type of equipment and the best technician at each company, you can still save a lot more. This could be viewed as unethical but it can cut your repair bills in half. After you get to know your technician casually ask if he does any side work. If he does you can likely get the same quality work for half the price. You may have to wait a little until he can fit it in.

If you don't want to risk your relationship with his employer there is still a chance you can eventually get half price repairs. Get to know the tech and get his phone number. Then if he moves to another company you don't have a relationship with you can contact him for side work. Typically technicians build a personal customer base on the side before leaving their employer to work for themselves.

7 Make Informed Decisions

Stopping wasting money on easily prevented or unneeded repairs is the easiest way to save. This website is loaded with hundreds of ways to save. You can learn very easy ways to prevent major repairs. Something as easy as replacing an extension cord can prevent a repair of over a thousand dollars.

The navigation bar on the right of every page leads to directories of articles with easy to implement tips on how to prevent repairs and how to deal with them when needed. You will also find many refrigeration repair tips for increasing the life of your refrigeration equipment and reducing operating costs.