The Only Refrigeration Technician That is on the Restaurant Owners Side

I am a retired commercial refrigeration technician. I worked on every kind of refrigeration equipment that you would find in a restaurant.

I am the only technician that can give you advice to save you money, that doesn't decrease the money I will make. That is why I can be on your side.

I started as a restaurant worker and eventually became a refrigeration repair expert.

I started working as a cook in a pizza restaurant when I was 16. After graduation from High School I moved to another town and started working fulltime as a cook. I worked my way up to management.

How I Went From Pizza Cook to Refrigeration Technician

I liked to do minor repairs around the restaurant. I read all the books on "do it yourself" repairs I could find. When it came to the refrigeration system, they always said to call a qualified refrigeration technician. So I started taking continuing education classes on repairs. I attended over 700 hours of classes. I was able to do a lot of repairs around the restaurant except for the sealed circuit on refrigeration systems.

I started taking classes in the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration program at the local community college. That was what I was looking for. I was learning to fix refrigeration equipment.

I ended up with a Associate in Applied Science degree. That is a fulltime, 2 year degree. I had an "A" average in the technical classes. In the English classes, I did not get grades to brag about. I was better at the turn of the wrench that the turn of a phrase.

Then I made the career change from restaurant manager to restaurant refrigeration technician. A couple years later I became a State licensed commercial refrigeration contractor. The industries highest credential.

I identified with the restaurant owners more than with the refrigeration company owners I was working for. I understood the restaurant owners problems. Trying to do what was best for the restaurant owners often caused conflicts with my employers.

I eventually retired from being a refrigeration technician. That’s when the concept for this website was conceived. Here is that story.

How I Got Ripped Off and Decided to Make This Website to Keep You From Getting Ripped Of

In 2004 my vans brakes started making a high pitch noise. The next day I took it to a local chain brake shop. The repair was 1,000 dollars. The brakes caught on fire 3 times and were redone 3 times after that. Big smoky fires that caused traffic problems.

Then the new tire on that wheel fell apart. Mysteriously there was no record of any problems with the brake job. I was out of luck.

I got real interested in consumer advocacy. I decided to make this website. I had seen so many rip offs and unnecessary bills in the refrigeration repair business. I can’t prevent automotive scams but I can prevent refrigeration ones.

While making this site, I couldn’t get my notebook computer to recognize my new camera. I took it to a computer shop. They kept it for a week and I spent about 20 hours there waiting on it. I was there day after day when they told me it would be ready and just waited. It was always “just about finished”.

They reformatted the hard drive without backing up the drivers. They installed the wrong video and audio drivers and left the others off. They charged me $150 and acted like it was a deal for all they did.

They did do a lot of work, but it was to fix problems they created. The computer was unusable and I replaced it 2 weeks later. That computer cost me $1,500 and is now an expensive paperweight.

That reinforced my belief that this website in the right thing to do.

Now that I am retired, I am free to tell the restaurant owners anything they need to know. I don't have a boss looking over my shoulder anymore.

That is why I have created this website. This is what a trusted friend would tell you, if he was a refrigeration technician. I hope you find it useful.

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