Refrigeration Savings Tips Issue #001, Prevent Many Unneeded Refrigerator Repairs

Learn This Skill and Put an End to Many Unneeded Refrigerator Repairs

The feature article in this issue is about the very simple way to prevent the most common unneeded refrigerator repairs. The article is in section 5.

Editors Note

I’ve found hundreds of websites claiming to sell ice machines at wholesale prices. That can’t be true, but I bet it is effective advertising. That inspired one of the new website articles below and also a new e-book.

I have decided to write a small e-book on how to buy an ice machine. It will be titled Restaurant Ice Machine Buyers Guide. The working subtitle is Don’t Buy the Ice Machine the Salesman Wants to Sell You, Buy the Ice Machine You Need.

It should be finished in early February. I haven’t decided if I will sell it, use it as a bonus for my e-book The System For Saving on Refrigeration Repairs or maybe something else. I will offer complimentary review copies to my subscribers in any case.
1) The e-course, Ice Machine Secrets has been expanded to 7 lessons. LINK REMOVED FROM SAMPLE
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3) Learn about a complete system for preventing breakdowns, eliminating unneeded service calls, avoiding overtime charges and reducing labor charges.
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You Can Learn to Repair Ice Machines Four steps for learning to repair ice machines. Start with the free course, Ice Machine Secrets. Most ice machine repairs are only adjustments and cleaning. This is how you learn to do them.

How to Buy Near Wholesale Ice Machines This is a strategy for buying near wholesale ice machines. Unless you are buying in volume or to resale, you will not be able to buy at true wholesale. This is the next best thing.
5) Feature Article

Learn This Skill and Put an End to Many Unneeded Refrigerater Repairs

A cold control is often used to control temperature in small refrigerators. With a thermostat you set the temperature you want the box to be and forget about it. That isn’t possible with a cold control. This leads to false refrigerator repairs.

A cold control isn’t calibrated by temperature. It usually only has numbers. Turning it in one direction lowers the temperature and the other direction raises the temperature. Setting the cold control takes a lot of time.

Turning it colder doesn’t always make it colder

On a freezer you can turn a cold control to the coldest setting without any problems. The freezer will automatically defrost several times a day. Setting a cold control to the coldest setting on a cooler will cause a warm box and possible compressor damage, a real refrigerator repair.

Refrigerators defrost when the box is cold enough and the compressor turns off. If the cold control is set to low the compressor never turns off. It tries to reach a temperature that is not possible. The evaporator never defrosts and it freezes up. This causes the box to warm and can seriously damage the compressor.

How to set a cold control

· Start out setting it at a higher temperature than your target. Wait for the condensing unit to shut off. The condensing unit is the combination of the compressor and usually a fan and coil. The coil is the thing with fins.

· When the condensing unit shuts off, check the temperature in the box. If the temperature is too high, slightly lower the cold control and wait.

· The condenser will come on again and then shut off. Repeat the process until you zero in on your target temperature.

What to do if the evaporator freezes up

If the cold control is set too low the evaporator will ice up. This is easy to remedy. Try to turn the condensing unit off with the cold control. This will leave the evaporator fan on and will quickly defrost the evaporator.

If the cold control doesn’t turn off the condensing unit, just unplug the unit. The ice will slowly melt. Running restaurant refrigerators with a little ice on the evaporator will not cause damage. You can wait until closing time to unplug it.

Once the evaporator is defrosted, start the process over. Once you have found the correct setting mark it. Congratulations, you can now avoid many unneeded refrigerator repairs.

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