You Can Learn to Repair Ice Machines

Below are 4 steps that will teach you how to repair ice machines. You don't need any previous knowledge or experience. Most ice machine repairs are only adjustments and cleaning. The main tool you need is a screw driver. It will be given to you in step 4.

Step 1

I have written an email course for owners of ice machines. That is the very best way to get started to learn to repair ice machines. It contains what you need to know most and what you need to know first.

It is only available to subscribers of the free eZine Refrigeration Savings Tips. You should read the eZine too. It will build your understanding of all refrigeration equipment including ice machines. The first issue you get will have registration info for the course. You can subscribe to the eZine here.

Step 2

Order a manual for your machine. Get one for your specific model if possible. You may have to settle for one that covers your machine and others too. You need the service manual, not the owners manual. The owners manual does not tell you how to repair ice machines. Make it available to techs working on it but make sure the manual doesn't walk away.

Step 3

Learn from techs doing service calls. Ask him to describe the sequence of operations during a cycle. You should at a minimum learn how to reset the machine, adjust the ice thickness and clean the water circuit. A soft drink and a sandwich can make the tech willing to show you how to repair ice machines.

Step 4

The major ice machine manufacturers hold training classes in the Spring each year. They are inexpensive. You will usually get a meal, a set of manuals and a screwdriver.

The classes are for technicians. If anyone asks, say you do maintenance for xyz restaurant. That's true, you just happen to be the owner too. Do not be intimidated by being in a class full of techs. Some of them will never had worked on an ice machine and do not know how to repair ice machines.

You will learn a lot about ice machines at a factory field seminar. Having read done the Ice Machine Secrets course and reading the eZine Refrigeration Savings Tips will have given you the background you need. Having actually read the service manual will put you ahead of some of the techs there.

The instructor usually gives prizes to the students that answer questions correctly. You will get to see who knows their stuff and who you don't want to call. If you learn nothing else, this one thing is worth attending the class for.

That's all there is to it. If you have any questions use the CONTACT button on the left tool bar to email me.

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