How To Prevent The Most Common Refrigeration Restaurant Equipment Repairs

Many service calls for refrigeration restaurant equipment repairs are not needed. This article covers the most common ways to waste money on cooler, freezer and ice machine repairs. You will learn how to stop wasting money on the most common unneeded service calls.

The Most Common Unneeded Service Calls on Refrigerators

Turning the cold control colder doesn’t always make the cooler colder. The cooler defrosts when the unit is off. When the cold control is turned down too low, the unit never turns off.

The temperature drops. The evaporator doesn’t get to defrost and freezes. The temperature in the box rises. The unit appears to need service.

Once properly set, the cold control should not need adjusting. It is normal for the box to be warm occasionally. If warm product is placed in it, or the door has been opened frequently, the box will be too warm.

You should not adjust the cold control in these cases. If you must adjust it, turn it down in very small increments. Make 10 adjustments over time, rather than 2 big ones.

The Most Common Unneeded Service Calls on Freezers

Turning down the cold control can’t cause a problem on a freezer. The freezer has a defrost cycle that uses a heater. It is the defrost cycle that can be misunderstood and lead to unneeded service calls.

The freezer goes into defrost up to 6 times a day, for up to 1 hour. Here are some things that can be mistaken as problems.

The heating element heats the air in the box. Water may drop on the heating element and cause a sizzling sound.

The compressor is off and will not come on. The inside fan is off. The fan comes on after the evaporator is cold. It may then cycle on and off.

All of these things are normal. If you think you have a freezer problem, give it an hour to see if it will start working again.

Thats all you need to know to prevent the most common unneeded restaurant equipment repairs on freezers.

The Most Common Unneeded Service Calls on Ice Machines

There is more money wasted on ice machines than on coolers and freezers combined. Many are because the owners have an unrealistic expectation.

If the ice machine is rated at 1,000 lbs of ice a day, that is what is expected. That isn’t what happens though. Then the unneeded service calls start.

The ice machine is rated for ideal conditions. That is 50 degree water and 70 degree air. That usually only happens in Winter.

In Summer the water maybe 90 degrees and the air 110 degrees. The ice machine will only make 700 lbs of ice a day. This is normal.

Now you know how to prevent 3 of the most common unneeded refrigeration restaurant equipment repairs. You might be preventing even more than that.

You Might Be Paying for More Than Just an Unneeded Service Call

All of these unneeded service calls on your restaurant refrigeration equipment are a waste of money. The technician will have to thoroughly check the system to make sure there really was no problem.

Then the technician has to tell the owner there was nothing really wrong and here is the bill for me fixing nothing. No technician wants to do that. The honest ones will.

Then there are the other techs. Instead of dealing with an awkward situation, they might see a way to keep the owner happy. Just replacing a minor part could do it. An unneeded service call might change into an unneeded repair.

Changing a good part isn’t enough though. The tech has to educate the customer subtly so that this type of unneeded repair doesn’t occur again. That would make the tech look bad.

It’s a lot cheaper to educate yourself about your restaurant equipment repairs. You are off to a good start already.
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