The Secret of Getting the Best Price on Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Repairs

Restaurant kitchen equipment repair rates are sky rocketing. This is how to get the best repairs at the lowest prices.

You have heard some restaurant kitchen equipment repair service companies are starting to charge flat rate pricing. Is this a good deal for the restaurant owner?

Well…that depends.

There are two ways to bill. One is flat rate like many auto mechanics use and the other is the traditional parts and labor.

With flat rate, you usually do not pay taxes on the parts. That is an effective selling point. In the big picture that savings isn’t really that significant.

If you have an experienced technician, parts and labor is the way to go. He has seen the problem a hundred times before and just fixes it and leaves. That’s the best deal.

If you have an inexperienced technician billing parts and labor, you may have a problem. He might have to figure out what the problem is and that may involve a few mistakes. You will pay for his learning experience.

With flat rate you pay the same for the experienced tech to do the repair or the beginner. It doesn’t matter how long it takes the beginner to figure it out. That is a great equalizer.

With an experienced tech, you end up paying more for the work than with flat rate. He finishes in half the time and gets the same money.

The best deal is usually to find an experienced technician and pay him on a parts and labor basis. You can ask for the best technician and be willing to wait for him to become available.

I have found that customers would rather pay a higher price they know about up front. Flat rate is the way the restaurant kitchen equipment repair industry has to go to survive. Enjoy the parts and labor billing while you can. The hourly base charge is much lower.

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How To Get a Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Technician to Do Side Work

This is how you can get the very best prices, but it is the trickiest. First, build a relationship. I am assuming you want a good tech to do side work. It’s easy to get a bad tech to do it. The good tech has a lot to loose. It will take a little work on your part.

If he is good, he probably has a good job. He can loose his good job by doing side work. But, he may need the money. You need to build trust before you approach him.

Be friendly and feed him. Maybe offer him something extra to go for the wife and kids. Once you have built trust, you can approach him.

Let him know this is off the record, ask him if he does any side work. If he says no, drop it. If he says yes, make a deal. If he doesn’t answer, make an offer. If he says no don’t push it.

If he does side work for you, you’ll have a lot of leverage on him. You can make him write off big bills to keep you from complaining to his employer. Never abuse this leverage; it will cost you too much.

He went to school with other techs, he has worked with them, he sees them daily in the supply stores and he drinks with them in the local bars. You will lose in the long run.

If the restaurant kitchen equipment tech offers to do side work, beware. A good tech would not have to ask for work. He has too much to risk. He doesn’t have much time to do the work and plenty of work offers of work to do.

There are a lot of little known ways to save big on restaurant kitchen equipment repairs. To learn about them

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