Do this Simple Repair on Your Restaurants Refrigerator and Save Big

I almost always suggested that customers change their own restaurants refrigerator gaskets. It just cost too much to have a refrigeration technician do it.

The gaskets are expensive to start with and get marked up again. The procedure is time consuming. That adds up to a big bill. A refrigeration technician is not required to change a gasket.

There is a new alternative that is becoming popular. There are companies that specialize in gasket replacement. They usually have lower labor rates, and probably are more experienced. They may buy gasket material in bulk, so the gaskets might be cheaper.

It’s simple and easy to change a restaurants refrigerator gasket. You could do it yourself or have an employee do it. I don’t recommend that equipment owners do many repairs. This is one that they should consider giving a try.

When to Change a Gasket and Where to Get a New One

Most gaskets get changed when the health code inspector requires it. This is usually because they have become cracked or split. That is usually before it becomes a problem for the refrigerator.

A gasket should be changed when it no longer provides an airtight seal. The warm air entering can cause the unit to run excessively long to maintain the proper temperature.

This can cause the evaporator to ice up. An ice up can cause compressor damage or even failure. Gaskets seldom get to this point though.

You can order a new gasket from the manufacturer using the restaurants refrigerator model and serial number. This way you are sure the gasket will fit. It is the most expensive way to order it yourself.

A cheaper alternative is to order a generic one or have one made. Cut a cross section out of it. Measure the outside and inside dimensions of the whole gasket. Take this to a local refrigeration supply house or use it with a catalog.

I had good success over the years getting gaskets from Heritage Food Service Equipment Inc 1-800-800-6154.

How to Change a Gasket

There are many ways a gasket can be attached to a restaurants refrigerator door. There is no way to describe all of them. Sometimes the gaskets come with instructions, but usually not.

It’s always pretty simple. Sometimes they snap in. Sometimes they screw in. Sometimes they hook in. Look at it closely as you take the old one off. Put the new one on the same way. Here are a few tips.

1) Soak the gasket in warm water to make it more pliable. 2) Latch or tape the door shut over night to let the gasket mold. 3) A little bit of silicone caulking can work wonders.

If you get the gasket and decide not to try it or run into problems, don’t worry. Have your service tech do it when he is there for another reason. You will have saved on the markup. Get him to show you how to do it. Then next time change your own restaurants refrigerator gasket.

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