DIY Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Repairs – 5 Simple Things to Check

Many soft serve ice cream machine repairs can easily be prevented. This article will cover five things that can be checked to prevent a costly service call. They may appear too simple. But I have been on many service calls caused by these things. I have even asked the owners to check these things and they assumed it wasn't the problem, when it was. Don't make that mistake too. 1) Does the Unit Have Power?

Is the machine turned on? If it is completely dead check the breaker and double check to make sure you are checking the right one. If possible, check for power at the outlet with a volt meter or plug in another piece of equipment that draws less amps.

2) Is the Machine Put Together Properly?

Have the most experienced person disassemble and reassemble the machine. Improper assembly is one of the most common problems. It can lead to serious and expensive real repairs. If the machine isn't working properly immediately turn it off. Then come back and go through this article.

3) Are Rubber or Plastics Parts Worn?

While reassembling the machine, the parts can be easily checked. All rubber and plastics parts will wear out. They can cause leaks, freeze ups and noisy operation. It is a good idea to head off these problems by replacing them according to the manufacturers schedule. The life can be extended by using food grade silicone lubricate as directed.

4) Is the Machine Squilling or Smoking?

Check the soft serve ice cream machine for loose, worn or broken belts on the pulleys. Belts are pretty e asy to replace. There are numbers on them that can be used to order on the internet. Order extras and leave in them in the bottom of the unit. The new belts will eventually wear out. If the pulleys are warped or worn it would be better to call a refrigeration technician for the repair.Is the Mix Adequate?

5) Is the Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Mix Adequate?

Make sure there is enough mix. If there is insure it is being fed properly. The feed rate and the mix of air can make it look like there is a real problem. Old mix will not be able to make proper ice cream in a machine that is operating properly.

There are adjustments and controls that you can check. You can find them in the user manual that came with your machine. User manuals can usually be found online or obtained from the manufacturer. Additional simple adjustments can be found in the service manual and are usually done by the technician. Many of them are doable by serious DYIers.

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