How To Buy A Used Ice Machine

What to Do When Your Refrigeration Equipment Dies
Part 3B

This part of the free report covers how to buy a used ice machine. The inside story on what to look for.

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How To Evaluate a Commercial Used Ice Machine Before Buying Them

The basic strategy is to avoid ice machines that have a preexisting problem. Remember that there is no way to judge the internal condition of the compressor, but there are some indicators.

The bin check, evaporator check, and condenser check are the steps of this part of the strategy.

Bin Check

Start by checking out the ice bin. Often the bin is much older than the ice machine itself. It is cheaper to put a replacement ice machine on an old bin. If it looks good, check out the following things. If it looks old and worn out, find another unit.

Does the door close securely and tightly? Check the gaskets for splitting, pulling loose drying out. Check for cracks in the inner bin walls. Cracks in the top caused by metal ice scoops and cracks in the bottom caused by dropping ice. Cracks cause the insulation to get wet and it stops insulating. Your ice will melt too fast. The health inspector can give you a hard time about it also

Evaporator Check

The evaporator is what the ice freezes on. If it has a problem, it is usually better just to replace the used ice machine. Look for the coating wearing off, nicks, warps or bulges.

Condenser Check

The condenser is the part with the compressor and the fan blows warm air out. You may have to take a side panel off to see it.

The compressor is the big black thing with a big and little tube coming out of it. Rarely there may be 2 tubes at the base. With the unit unplugged put your hand on the compressor and try to rock it slightly. If you can’t, the shipping bolts were never loosened and the compressor is probably damaged internally.

The problem with checking the condenser coils is that it may have just been cleaned. A unit that has constantly run with a dirty condenser has a damaged compressor. Look at the fan blade and cowl around the fan. If they are dirty, the compressor has had a hard life.

Check to see if the condenser fins are greasy. Grease is a great insulator and caused the compressor to overheat and overwork.

The fan shouldn’t make a metallic noise or rattle. It should be symmetrical without any nicks. The compressor should not rattle either.

If everything works properly, you have ruled out many expensive potential problems. There is still no guarantee. There is no practical way to predict future compressor failures. You have greatly reduced your risk, but it cannot be eliminated.

One final tip, you will need to get an owners manual and service manual for the machine. Make them available to the tech working on it but make sure he doesn’t take them. This will speed repairs and reduce mistakes.

Good luck buying a used ice machine.

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