How to Buy Near Wholesale Ice Machines

This is a strategy for buying near wholesale ice machines. Unless you are buying in volume or to resale, you will not be able to buy at true wholesale. This is the next best thing.

Buying an ice machine is like buying a car. There is sticker price and then there are a lot of prices people are really paying for it. The price you get is greatly influenced by the amount of research you do.

The companies that are selling you the ice machines are paying different prices for them too. There may be a lot of room for negotiation with the right company. Let’s look at the types of companies that might sell you an ice machine.

Service Companies

The machine is sold to the local distributor. The service company may only get a commission for selling the machine. In that case there is no room for negotiation. You need to be talking to the distributor.

The service company may buy the ice machine and then resale it to you. Then the negotiation can begin. I have seen service companies sell near wholesale ice machines, so that they do not risk loosing a good customer. Your repair business is worth a lot to them.

The factories Contracted Service Representatives will get the machines at the lowest price. The small independent service companies will pay a higher price for the same machines. They are not restricted by company policies though. They are the company.

Local Distributors

These are the only companies that can really buy wholesale ice machines.

The more professional distributors will not sell directly to you. That would be undermining the service company’s sales efforts. Some distributors are also service companies and will sell to you.

I know of one that claims they can beat any ones price. Since they pay the lowest price for the machine, this is possible. Let the negotiations begin.

Check for distributors in other towns you are willing to drive to, to pick up the machine. Your regular technician can install it for you.

National Distributors

This is a new trend and one that might save you a bundle. Many ice machines are being sold this way. Installation packages using local companies can be bought as add ons.

These companies scare local salesmen.

A couple of your current suppliers can probably sell you an ice machine. There are many companies on the Internet that can do it. There is a danger though.

You run a very good chance of ending up with the wrong ice machine. Near wholesale deals will not matter then. Any price is too high if it doesn’t do the job.
The Best Strategy for Buying Near Wholesale Ice Machines

Figure out exactly what you need. Make sure that is exactly what you are given quotes for.

Call the factories of the brands you are interested in. Get the number of the local distributors and the local Contracted Service Representatives. Request quotes from each. Remember that these are starting points.

Check with your regular suppliers. Be careful. They usually do not understand ice machines. Make sure they are giving you on what you are asking for.

Search the Internet. A Google search for the term “ice machine distributor” just returned 123,000 web pages. If you know the brand you wand use that in the search. “Hoshizaki distributor” returned 6,730 web pages.

You will probably get a better price by actually calling or emailing the company. Most manufacturers have restrictions on advertising prices below a certain point. They do not a special deal, near wholesale price to become the regular price.

Once you are armed with this info you can start the negotiations. The lowest price should be more than you will have to pay. Get on the phone and start haggling.

Any company can sell near wholesale ice machines. Of course as you have seen, their wholesale starting point can vary. You just have to find a company that is hungry enough for the sale.
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